Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I wish it weren't me...

But it is.

Talking tonight in a men's small group, the subject of kids and patience and frustration came up.  We talked about how kids don't really listen the first time.  We talked about how ungrateful they can be, even when we go out of our way to give them awesome gifts and work hard to provide the necessities. We talked about the demand they put on the time we have, the miles on the tires of our cars and our lives, the money given to dance troupes and baseball teams and soccer clubs.  All of those things.

And it could just be husbands and dads griping...

or I could be the kid.

I could be the one who frustrates my Father.  I could be the ingrate who refuses to say thanks for anything and takes for granted the special things.  I could be the one who raises my Father's eyebrow with my demands, my wants, and my messes.  And without a perfect Father who has perfect patience, there's no telling what would become of me.

Yep, I could be that son.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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