Thursday, September 20, 2012

Space Nerd-ness

Because I pastor within a stone's throw of NASA's Johnson Space Center, we have a lot of folks tied to the space industry.  And what our people are into, I want to be into.  In this case, that's easy because (a) I'm a nerd at heart, (b) my mom was a math teacher, (c) my little brother has his Ph.D. in aerospace engineering and now is faculty-ized at VaTech, and (d) it's space we're talking about people!

So when Space Shuttle Endeavor flew right over my office multiple times on Wednesday morning, I had to grab some footage.  Here's what I got.  And for the record, it was a LOT closer than it appears in the footage.

Even cooler:  the kids were out of school because of a highly strange midweek Teacher Work Day, so the voice you hear in the beginning belongs to the Ninja saying, "That is awesome!"

And kudos to a church member who caught this awesome still image.

Something that large.  Being carried along by something even larger.  Space shuttles.  Burdens.  Make your own application here...

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  1. "a church member" = the incomparable, omni-competent, and lovely Jenny Mullin.