Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looking through "their" eyes

I'm sitting here watching a fascinating documentary on the Military Channel about the way the Japanese portrayed, understood, and experienced World War II.  This, funny enough, comes on the heels of a conversation the Queen and I had about whether Japanese folks still look with disdain, hurt, frustration, or fear on America.

It's interesting to see things through "their" eyes.  I put "their" in quotes because "they" were the enemy and are no longer.  We are at peace and have been for decades.  But in this documentary I'm getting a sense of their hopes, dreams, visions, definitions of victory, and spin on defeat.

And it makes me think about the other "they" in the world.  Heck, not even in the world - on my street, at the grocery store, in my circle.

Who are "they" in your world?  Single moms?  Struggling teens?  Overworked husbands?

If I took just a moment and saw through "their" eyes, I wonder what would change?

My guess is I would.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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