Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sermon Notes from Sunday 6.10.12

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 6.10.12, in the series from Genesis called Fascinating Families.  You can find these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also get the audio on iTunes via our podcast.  The audio will probably be a little later than usual since our webmaster extraordinaire is on a mission trip.

Fascinating Families
Part 2 – Family Temptation
Genesis 3.1-4.10

Temptation:  Disobey

Lie:  God is not good or, at least, good to me (v.3, 5).

  • Part of this can be measure:  is God good enough?
  • Part of this can be personal:  is God good to me?
  •  Part of this can be timing:  is God good now?
  • What we call into question is His character and His commands.
Lie:  There are not consequences for my choices (v.4).

  •  In our culture, no on is responsible for anything and therefore should not have consequences.
  • Shame (v.7)
  • Conflict with God (v.8-11) 
  • Conflict with others (v.12-13)
  • Frustration in other areas (v.16-19)
  • Anger (4.5)
  • Generational patterns (4.6-7) 
  • Death (5.5)
Lie:  God will not meet my deepest needs or desires (v.6).

  •  Nothing wrong with having needs and desires – God put them there.
  • Some do family as if they meet deepest needs or are looking to family to meet our deepest needs.
Temptation:  Passivity

  • When it comes to temptation, passivity is no strategy.
  •  Look to Joseph
o   Say NO
o   Tell the Truth
o   Change the environment
o   Last resort:  scorn
o   When you fail, go to God, not away from Him.

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