Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clearing to see

The Queen had me out cleaning up the hedges that she had trimmed.  She did all the trimming so that our house wouldn't look like Boo Radley's house.  It needed to be done.

But you know what?  You can see now.  You can see the street from our window.  You can see the front porch from our front yard.  You can see the fence.  You can just see.

So much of that is true of our lives.  The Spirit searches us and reveals what needs to be revealed.  The Word convicts by the Spirit, piercing even the division between soul and spirit.  God grants us a beautiful grace by letting us see.  Yes we see sin.  But we see grace too.  The sin is clear.  But what stands clearer is is the cross.

It often takes some clearing though.  Time in the Word.  Time with God's people.  Conversations that sometimes hurt.  Confession of guilt.

But the gift is this:  you can see.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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