Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Jesus is on Facebook

Jesus is on Facebook.  I've seen Him multiple times.  In fact, most of the time my Christianity is questioned if I don't "like" Him or His picture or anything else that someone is pushing.

But that's not my real concern.  It's funny, even.

But not this.  No, this is serious.

It's one thing for Jesus to be on Facebook.  It's another thing when we relate to Him as someone on Facebook.

We friend Him, maybe even because someone suggested we should.

He shows up in the news feed of our lives every so often, commenting on what He's done or something He's involved in.  This mostly happens on Sundays.

When He says something we don't like, we ignore His updates - at least for a while.

When something goes wrong in our lives, we post about it and hope people will notice, including Him.

We private message Him when something is bothering us.  Or we don't, and talk to other people about it because He's probably ignoring us because of that picture that popped up that we got tagged in that might have been not exactly Jesus-friendly.

And it goes on.

It's not as if a living relationship with God is like the faux relationships of Facebook.  He's much more shockingly good and fiercely dangerous than that.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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