Monday, March 5, 2012

Tree of Life Day 29: 2 Kings 3-6

Well, first of all, let me introduce you to a mistake.  The reading guide is supposed to say, "1 Kings 3-6."  So if you stopped here first, I'd encourage you to read the 1 Kings version rather than the misprinted 2 Kings version.  And if you're looking to blame someone, put it on me.  With all the eyes that looked over that document and sent it off to PDF-land and the iDevice app, the ones that mattered were mine and I missed this typo.  Sorry, folks.

But there's still a great story in 2 Kings 4.  Elisha prays for the Shunnamite's son and raises him from the dead.  And how exactly did he do that?

He put his mouth on his mouth, his hands on his hands, and his eyes on his eyes.  Sounds a little gross.  Certainly uncomfortable for those of us with the typical 36 inches of personal space in the western world.

But sometimes that's exactly what we need.  We need someone to get so close that they can breathe life into us when we're dying or dead.  We need someone that up in our business so that when death-bringing sin is destroying us, they're life from Jesus can breathe life into what might seem like a hopeless cycle of addiction or destruction in what remains of our lives.


You might be that person for someone else.

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