Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tree of Life Day 25: 1 Samuel 8-10

Sometimes we don't know what we're asking for when we pray.  I don't think that should hinder our honesty or thwart our boldness.  But maybe it should slow the pace by which we ask.  Boldness before the throne of God doesn't have to equal impetuousness.  Honesty before the Lord doesn't necessarily mean blurting out whatever comes to mind.

"We want a King."  That had implications and consequences.

"I want a __________."

"God, you need to _________."

Prayer is certainly a balancing act between the invitation to boldness by God our Father and remembering that I'm being bold before the King of the Universe.  It's not either-or but both-and.

How does that change your prayer life today?

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