Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tree of Life Day 27: 2 Samuel 11-15

Today's story is the story of the fracture of David's household because of David's sin.  It's depressing to read, honestly.  Maybe because if you are reading this, you probably know people (like I do) that have similar decline or destruction in their lives.

But what jumped out at me in today's reading was Nathan being sent by the Lord to David to confront him.  Not only was it incredibly wise in the manner by which Nathan confronted the King, but simply the fact that God sent him.

Confrontation is a strange kind of mercy, but it is mercy.

God refused to allow David to remain in his sin.  He refused to let the distance grow between them.  He refused to let David be hollowed out by unconfessed sin.  God wanted to restore the relationship.

So He sent a confronter.


It's the same kind of mercy when we're under conviction by the Holy Spirit.  God doesn't want our bones to waste away with our sin (Ps. 32).  He sends the Spirit to convict and bring us back into a restored relationship to Him.  It doesn't feel good.  It means we owe up to mistakes and admit faults.  But it's mercy.

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