Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thinking about Robert Jeffress

Well, pastors sometimes say things they shouldn't.

Are you surprised that I would admit such a thing?  You shouldn't be.  I've been guilty of such a thing.  And when I do, in the back of my mind comes that little-addressed verse in Matthew 12:  we will stand to an account for every careless word.  Wow.

And now along comes a pastor who tells his people (and the rest of the world, since he was standing in front of media cameras) to vote for evangelical Christians and not cultic Mormons.  Well, what's wrong with this?

First, President Obama is a Christian, though not necessarily what you would call evangelical.  So, do you vote for him instead of Mitt Romney, even though Romney more aptly and ably represents the conservative side of the political aisle of which you are so fond?

Second, Mormonism isn't a cult.  It's a separate religion.  I don't know of many cults (in the classic sense, not the TV camera sense) that have opened a major university with a fairly renown faculty.  Certainly, Mormonism and Christianity are separate religions - they share a common language but NOT a common theology.  Mormons are not Christians.  Don't confuse that.  But neither confuse a cult for a religion.

Third, where does the boy get off telling me how to vote anyway?  I think it was Luther (someone correct me) that said he'd rather have a competent pagan than an incompetent Christian in public office.  God can (and does!) give common grace through all sorts of people (Steve Jobs, anyone?).

Lastly, out of all the things to say in front of the camera, that's what you're going to say?

If you would've asked me, I hope I would have said this:
I'm for electing competent leaders who can get us out of this mess that we're in.  We need social help.  We need economic help.  We need moral help.  And it'll take real leadership to do that.  But honestly, my hope isn't in any politician from any party.  My hope is in Jesus Christ who gave His life for individuals who needed help and is in the business of transforming them to bring His kind of help to the rest of the world.
But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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