Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sermon Notes from 10.23.11

Here are the notes from Sunday's sermon on Philippians 4.2-3.  You can find these sermon notes in PDF and the sermon audio by visiting  Also, the sermon audio is available on iTunes via our podcast.  Both should be available by midweek.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?
Philippians 4.2-3

What was happening?
  • There was a disagreement between two women in the church.
  • The disagreement was not a matter of sin but of preference.

Is it okay to disagree?
  • Yes:  over clear Godhead and Gospel issues.
  • Yes:  over clear ethical and moral issues.
  • Yes:  over preferences, as long as they don’t become distractions.

What was the big deal?
  • The unity of the church was threatened.
  • Preserving unity in the church obeys God’s command (Eph. 4.3).
  • Preserving unity in the church brings God’s blessing (Ps. 133).
  • Preserving unity in the church speaks to the world (John 17.20-23). 

What was the solution?
  • For someone spiritually mature to offer help.
  • Remind them of their history.
  • Remind them of their future.

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