Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're not alone and not designed to be alone

Galatians 6.2:  Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ.

I could be the most pure-hearted, well-intentioned person and not be able to carry this out.  Why?  Because this is yet one more of these commandments in the NT that you simply cannot complete without others.  We're not hatched on a farm when we become followers of Jesus, we're born into His family with a Father and siblings.

I sat with a lady yesterday who's in the midst of marital trials.  She knew there was no magic pill and no formula to fix the situation.  But she had shared with her small group and was sharing with me for prayer support.  Her statement was, "I just needed to tell someone."

That's exactly right.  We weren't made to go it alone.  We weren't made to bear things by ourselves.  God gave us a family with Himself as our Father.  Sometimes hiding the issue seems like a better path for prideful or social or even spiritual reasons.  We weren't made to go it alone.  None of us were.

And so we prayed and I gently reminded her what I try to remind people in the midst of trial:  God is for you and God is with you.  That's true for you too.


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