Friday, December 10, 2010

Heisman (?)

So I'm not usually one to follow a ton of college football.  Being a Baylor graduate, our football season tends to be the warm-up for the sports in which we're actually competitive.  My standard response to the Aggies and Longhorns and others who are football crazies goes something like this:  "Well, basketball season's coming."  This year was wonderfully different and we're bowl bound while the Longhorns sit at home.

But this leads me to Cam Newton, the Auburn quarterback.  He's the hands down frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy, the award given for the outstanding football player who exhibits excellence with integrity.

And here's my question:  if you were a Heisman voter, would you vote for him?

Excellence he has, no doubt.  28 passing TDs.  20 rushing TDs.  Even a receiving TD.  I think he threw the ball enough to get it past the moon or something and Auburn's the #1 school in the nation in the BCS polls.

But what about integrity?  He apparently has none.  There is at least one scandal surrounding him and his recruitment process and how much he knew and when he knew it, how much he took and when he accepted it.  It's Reggie Bush all over again.

But Reggie gave back his Heisman.

And so we're in this cultural melee where "excellence with integrity" means, apparently, not as much as it used to.  My guess is that he'll receive the Heisman.  And then about 3 years from now he'll have it stripped from him or have to return it (a la Mr. Bush).

And if so, then it's not just the kid from Auburn who has an integrity problem.  It's all those who voted for him.  And they represent what we'll accept in society.  And therein lies my issue.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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