Monday, December 13, 2010

The Power of Words (Spoken and Unspoken)

So I did some conversations yesterday that included people asking me some questions and me engaging the people and their questions.  They weren't tricky.  They weren't goofy.  They were questions that needed answers.

And I answered them.  And this morning I was wishing I answered them differently.

I didn't say anything bad.  But I could've been clearer.  I could've been more precise.  I could've been even more engaging.  I could've talked about myself less and Christ more.  I could've...

Yes, this was after a great morning of worship with God's people and a great message from God from His Word.  Yes, this was after a fitful and short night as most Saturday nights are.  Yes, we were up early and had plenty of distractions.  Yes, it was the afternoon and I was already exhausted and knew we had another event that evening.   Yes to all of that.

But I still wish I would've been clearer, more precise, more engaging.

And then I have to rest in the fact that God is in charge and He knows what He's doing and there are plenty of opportunities for Him to do what He desires without me.  I'm not His spokesman, communications director, pitch man, or press secretary.  I'm just a guy.  And this guy needs to be humbled and humble himself more often.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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