Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sermon Notes from 12.26.10

We did an abbreviated service this Sunday and here are the notes from the sermon.  You can find the notes and audio at  I like to end each year with some teaching on prayer and an exhortation to it.  I hope, before God, that this stirred people to it.

Prayer 2010
Ephesians 6.17-18

The imperative:  take up the sword of the Spirit.
Take it up personally
  • Ask questions of the text that will help you live it out.

Take it up prayerfully
  • The Scriptures are inherently relational because they reveal God to us.
  • Fueling our prayers with Scriptures puts our eyes on God.
  • The promises in the Bible incite our prayers and affections.

Take it up missionally
  • Pray with a sense of the warfare around you.
  • Push your prayers outward – begin with you but end with something global.

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