Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 12.5.10

Here are the sermon notes from 12.5.  As always, you can find the notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  In this particular sermon on the Advent theme of peace, I tried to tie the cross to the incarnation.  May God grant us ears to hear and courage to obey.  Amen.

Christmas 2010
Peace – Romans 5.1

What does God give?
  • Peace = wholeness (shalom)

Why does God give peace?
  • Spiritual Fracture:  with God.
  • Relationship Fracture:  with others.
  • Nature Fracture:  with the world around us.

How does He give peace?
  • It is not by our earning peace.
  • Our best, most perfect efforts would only balance the scales.
  • Peace comes by righteousness that is ours by confidence in Jesus Christ.

Isn’t this Christmas?
  • Jesus had to become fully human for us to be saved (Heb. 2.17).
  • Gregory of Nazianzus:  What is not assumed cannot be saved.
  • The incarnation is essential to His saving work.

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