Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sermon Notes from 12.19.10

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, December 19th.  I wrapped up the Christmas series from Romans 5.6-8 with some thoughts on God's love for us in Christ.  I didn't finish the sermon via the notes, going off the outline in the third portion, explaining the difference between what you hear and what's on the page.  As always, you can find these notes and the sermon audio at  May the Spirit shed abroad God's love in all our hearts.

Christmas 2010
Love – Romans 5.6-8

The reason why this is Xmas:  God’s love doesn’t come to us apart from Jesus Christ.

Sacrificial love
  • At the right time, Jesus Christ gave Himself for us. 
  • In light of who we are apart from Him, it was the right time.

Unique Love
  • Part of what makes His love unique is its prior nature.
  • Part of what makes His love unique is its affect – it frees us to love Him. 
  • We have never been loved like this.

Demonstrated Love
  • His love justifies – saving us from wrath.
  • His love reconciles – creating relationship with Him.
  • My perception of His love determines my perception of His pursuit.
  • My perception of His pursuit determines my perception of His love.
  • God leaves nothing to chance by demonstrating His love in Jesus and pursuing our hearts.

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