Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 9.5.10

Here are the sermon notes from this Sunday, September 5th.  In examining the first half of Mark 8, we looked at motivation and how we can be free to live with God, which I termed "Because Of People."  As always, you can find these notes in PDF format as well as sermon audio at  May God give us the grace and courage it takes to live authentically before Him.

God Sighs (Part 2)
Mark 8.1-21

Religion is the place people run to be respected when they refuse to be real.

Jesus Sighs at Religion (v.11-13)
  • In the heart of the Pharisees was the question of what God could do for them.
  • They related to God so that He would do as they wished. 
  • So That People don’t become giving people, praying people, serving people.
  • Dire consequences result for So That People.

Why do we live as So That People?
  • We don’t know God’s provision and power (v.1-10). 
  • We don’t deal with the idols of our hearts (v.14-16).
  • We don’t understand God’s message (v.17-21).

The Gospel frees us to live as Because of People instead of So That People – not motivated by what God will do for us but by what He already has done for us.

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