Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NT75 Day 9: Galatians 4-6 and Testament Tuesday!

I have a tendency.  You probably share it too, or if you don't then you should have a blog and write about your relationship with God.  I'll subscribe immediately.

My tendency:  to think that when things are going great, God must like me and be ready to use me and think I'm a fabulous follower and son.  The corollary to that, of course, is that when things aren't going great God doesn't like me, isn't going to use me, and thinks I stink like pig's slop.

But Paul preached the Gospel to the Galatians because of an ailment.  When I go to the doctor's office, I don't think about preaching the Gospel.  I think about how much God hates me right now since I'm sick.  I might be overstating my case a little bit, but think about your response to trial:  is it opportunity or curse?

Why did Paul have a bodily ailment (4.13), possibly an eye issue (4.15)?  Isn't he the apostle who healed many, who even raised a guy from the dead (Acts 20)?  Can't he even have the faith to see God heal himself?  Why doesn't God just heal him?

Because there are times when our weakness speaks louder than our strength.  Paul even boasted in the weakness he had, using it as a defense against his accusers (6.17).  In our weakness, God gets more glory.  In our weakness, God is seen as stronger.  In our weakness, God is not overshadowed by His gifts or spokesmen.  Sometimes, God allows us to stay weak so we can be more useful to Him.  The question is whether we take the opportunity to minister or just gripe.

Which leads me to my Testament Tuesday portion.  We're waiting today to hear from the doctor on results from the MRI for our oldest last week.  Ginny has lots of details here.  But no matter what the doctor says or how God might work a miracle in the future (medically or supernaturally, we'll take it any way He gives it), God is using and working in our son.  Ginny chatted with someone last night who described him as a joy.  Another person walked up to me Sunday night and told me how much he appreciated my son's servant heart.  Another talked about how insightful and intuitive he is.  I'm grateful for a God who makes much of Himself in our weakness, giving the weakness purpose and usefulness.

God is at work, despite and, at times, within our weakness.  I'll keep my eyes out for opportunities.

For more info on Testament Tuesdays, click the graphic above or see my wife's blog.  Join in and participate!

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