Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sermon Notes from 9.19.10

Here are the sermon notes from today's sermon.  I preached on Jesus' clarifying the nature of life with Him, ingesting both the content of His message as well as His call to commitment from Mark 8.31-38.  To view the notes in PDF and get the sermon audio, visit

Can You See Him?
Mark 8.31-9.1

Content (v.31-32)
  • Suffering & Rejection – experiencing the physical and relational fracture in Creation.
  • Death – dying voluntarily as a payment for sin.
  • Resurrection – rising victoriously as powerful King.

Commitment (v.34)
  • Because the content is true, we commit to Him.
  • We go deeper into the content of the Gospel as we follow Jesus – we do not move on from it.
  • He calls for commitment from everyone, not just a few.
  • Discipleship isn’t a second step in the Christian life – it is the Christian life.

Motivation (v.35-38)
  • Investment – why give yourself to something that’s guaranteed to fail?
  • Purpose – what does the world offer that really and truly satisfies?
  • Exclusivity – is there nothing else I can do?
  • Judgment – will I stand when all is done?

Calling (v.34)
  • Deny Yourself – this is not denying something to yourself but choosing the surpassing value of Christ.
  • Take Up Your Cross – this is not a modest adjustment for an admirer but a consistent pattern for the disciple.
  • Follow Me – this is not a convoy of experience seekers but a prescribed path with Him as our example.

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