Friday, September 17, 2010

NT75 Day 5: Matthew 17-22

There are times when I feel bold before the Lord.  I pray in great faith for great things.  I sense and know that God is going to do something, sometimes even what He's going to do.  I preach and minister with strong unction.  I prayer-walk the rows before our Sunday gathering and anticipate how He's going to change people's lives.

And then there are other times.

There are times when I didn't get enough sleep and my emotions are on edge and it's hard for mind to focus.  There are times when I come to God, again, to confess that sin, again.  There are times when I've not parented in love or responded to my wife in something less than a Christlike manner.  There are times in an attempt to be funny that my sarcasm or something else has ended up wounding.  And there are times when I'm just selfish and think I'm entitled to go my own way.

And in those moments, I am glad that Jesus lets little children to come to Him (Matthew 19.14).  Because in those moments I feel so small.  I'm rarely innocent, but I am small.  I'm glad He receives small people posing as grown-ups.  And I'm glad He still desires to give the Kingdom to knuckleheads like me.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

A Post-Blog Note:  I just got word that our NT75 app is in for iPhones and iPod Touches.  Find it in the AppStore.  Need a link?  Here's one!

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  1. Good stuff here. Thanks for posting your thinking thoughts.