Monday, September 13, 2010

NT75 Day 1: Matthew 1-4

I saw something this morning as I read the temptation of Jesus in Matthew 4.  Two things struck me...

First, the Enemy will strike, tempt, cajole, condemn, or accuse in the place where I am weakest.  Jesus had just finished a 40-day fast.  Sometimes I have trouble fasting for one day.  For those I know who have fasted for long times (21 days and longer), they talk about the weakness they feel.  Jesus certainly felt the same.  And the Enemy comes and the first temptation:  you want some fresh bread?  Bread has that aroma thing working for it.  Even though it's quiet in the house, I can almost smell fresh bread just because I'm typing about it.  So a question to ponder for you and me today:  where do we consider ourselves weakest?  Craving the approval of others?  Illicitly lusting over another?  Greedily coveting what you see in the neighbor's possession?  Enjoying the angry feeling over the smallest slight?  Perpetually self-justifying what you're doing even though your conscience bothers you?  Whatever you identify, know that the Enemy will come knocking there first.

Second, in the weakest of weak moments, Jesus was convinced that God was enough.  He refuted the Enemy with a quotation from Deuteronomy about being fed by God's Word.  One of the great confessions you can make before, during, and after temptation is that God is enough.  You make it beforehand because you want your mind to be conditioned toward it.  You make it during because that's one way you fight temptation - by focusing on God and His sufficiency.  You make it after in testimony to yourself and others so that you glorify Him for His work in your life.

May God help us all live today with His sufficiency in view.  Amen.

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  1. Trent,
    I am so excited about this NT in 75 days. Your words speak to the core for sure. It left me thinking, how many areas do I let just slip a little or just not acknowledge and then Satan just slimes it enough to be tainted. Instead I want to fully examine and lay hold of those places.
    In reading those chapters today I was struck by the fact that the Lord is so much bigger than any way that Satan trys to thwart His plans. Joseph and Mary were almost married, but the angel came just in time. Joseph then almost denied Mary and yet again the Lord stepped in....and on and on. Each time a miracle happening to direct each one where they needed to be.
    It leaves me longing to listen more deeply and to step out and risk when I do hear God's voice.
    Thank you!!!