Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sermon Notes from 9.26.10

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 9.26.10.  We had a great time looking at the story of Jesus' transfiguration in Mark 9.  I was hoping we'd have the clarity of seeing God's glory and it satisfying our souls and transforming our lives.  I know I want to live that way.  As always, you can find these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at

Jesus Unfiltered
Mark 9.2-13

We have not, to this point, seen the glory of God like we see it here.
  • The Creation, Exodus, and Temple scenes give us glimpses.
  • The resurrection and revelation are only places we see it more clearly.
He’s not who we want Him to be – He is who He says and shows He is.
  • Plastic Jesus
  • Halo Jesus
  • American Jesus
  • Coffee Cup Jesus
  • Oprah Jesus
  • Hipster Jesus
Seeing His glory is the only hope for satisfaction of our souls.
  • Beauty – capturing our affection.
  • Messiah – calling out our allegiance.
  • Father – meeting our desire for a paternal blessing.
In Christ we have the Father’s delight (Gal. 4.4-7)

Seeing His glory is the only hope for the transformation of our lives.
  • We see Him primarily with our minds as we listen to Him.
  • We see His glory clearly in His death and resurrection.
  • The source of our transformation is the Spirit using the Scriptures.

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