Thursday, September 30, 2010

NT75 Day 18: Luke 10-13

There are stories that Jesus tells that haunt me.  They haunt me for me and they haunt me for those around me.  I read one of them today (12.16-21).  The guy who built the barns had everything going for him.  His life was prospering (probably because he prayed like Jabez or got one of the TV preachers' books).  His bank account was growing.  His assets were expanding.  His charts were all going up and to the right.

The one thing he didn't have was readiness.  He wasn't ready when death came.  He wasn't ready to give an account for his life, and his "accounts" couldn't help him in that moment.  I'm all for people prospering and growing wealth.  I'm also all for them using their assets to "be rich toward God" so they're ready.  And I'm not talking (only) about giving to the church - I'm talking about a life of generosity that breaks greed and readies us for the life to come.

Short entry today, but a potent question:  no matter what I have, am I ready when I die?

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