Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 6.6.10

Here are the notes from today's sermon.  As always, you can find the sermon audio at  Thanks!

On Blasphemy
Mark 3.22-30

This is one of the scariest and most confusing texts in the NT.

What is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
It’s not an incantation or curse – the heart matters more than the words.

3 Components
  • Clear Revelation of Christ
  • Clear Experience with the Holy Spirit
  • Denial of Both
    • They set aside all logic.
    • They set aside their experience.
    • They slandered Christ by calling good evil and light dark.

Those who fall to this level of wickedness will never turn to God in repentance. 

3 Pastoral Implications

  • We don’t do warning well, but it is necessary.
  • Spiritual Callousness is very real and very poisonous (1 John 1.6,8,10)
  • When convicted, we must repent and not linger in sin.  (1.7,9)
  • We resist Him at our own peril.
    • Greater self-deception
    • Less sensitivity to the Spirit
    • Further withdrawal of God’s restraining moral influence 

  • The best evidence of your salvation is not a past experience but present expression (1 John 2.3-6)
  • Do you have obedience to Christ?
  • What is the state of your heart – love for the world or God?  If the world, do you have sorrow over your sin?
  • Do you have love for others?

  • Your sense of security in your salvation hangs mostly on the character of the person you believed accomplished it.
  • In our salvation, God is the actor and we are the acted upon (1 John 2.1-2)
  • Objection:  don’t I have a part to play?
  • Answer:  Yes – repent and receive Him, but you cannot do that without Him.
  • In propitiation, God took our sin that merited His wrath.
  • In propitiation, God gave us righteousness that birthed relationship.

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