Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Quiet Here

Tranquility of soul is a rare commodity in the hustle-and-bustle, get-up-and-go world in which we live.  But it's worth it and attainable by focusing on the right thing.

My wife and kids are gone for the weekend seeing family on both sides.  Sunday keeps coming around and I've got a week of vacation coming up, so I'm missing out on the weekend hang out time.  However, I've been sitting here for over an hour and I keep noticing one thing.  It's quiet.

I'm nursing my second cup of coffee.  I have a Bible out in front of me.  I've done some thinking about what my day holds (not the least of which is the calling of the lawn).  I've done some praying.  And outside of the ticking clock, it's quiet.

I think the quiet of soul is why Jesus could sleep on a boat in a storm.  This is how quiet I want to be on the inside:  appropriately unphased by the circumstances surrounding.  Perfect peace comes from having the right thing in view (Isa. 26.3).

I miss my family, but I'm grateful for the quiet of this moment.

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