Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 6.27.10

Here are notes from the sermon.  As is the usual announcement here, you can find the sermon audio that goes with these notes here:

Jesus the Weatherman
Mark 4.35-41

Do You Care?
  • I am unaware of God’s agenda.
  • I am insecure in my circumstances.
  • God is unaware of the circumstances.God is absent or inactive.
  • Overwhelming answer:  yes, I care.

Where is your Faith?
  • Some put faith in Christian culture.
  • Some put faith in circumstances.
  • Answer:  Putting faith in Christ is the only way to life.

Who is This?
  • In your understanding of God, there are pieces that need to be added, deleted, and changed. 
  • The Religion of America:  moralistic therapeutic deism.
  • His greatness invites the fear of the Lord.
  • His power invites confidence in Him and His cause.
  • His love invites interactive intimacy.
  • Answer:  He is the Savior who calls you.

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