Monday, June 28, 2010

Calming the Storm

The storms of life tend to clarify who we are and reveal who Jesus is, if we're looking.

I preached yesterday from Mark 4.35-41 as we continued our journey through Mark.  This is the story of Jesus falling asleep in the boat, a storm arising, the disciples freaking out, and then Jesus calming the storm with a word.  Cool stuff.

Something about storms though:  they reveal what's in us.  They show how weak we are.  They show how scared we can get.  They show how frustrated we can be.  They show how anger dwells within.  They expose entitlements.  They reveal what's in us.

Something else about storms:  they reveal who Jesus is.  Which was better in the story above?  The storm was stilled or the disciples had a clearer picture of who Jesus is?  Consider this - it's easier to rejoice in the change of circumstances, but rejoicing in who Jesus is will last a lifetime.

Lastly, a challenge.  No matter the storms, the phone calls, the hospital location, the brokenness of relationship, or other storms, look for Jesus in them.  You can endure storms and not see Him.  No matter what He does with the storm, you'll have the longer-lasting reason to rejoice.

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