Monday, September 23, 2013

What would you say in a mall in Kenya?

By all accounts, the terrorism unleashed on the mall in Nairobi was brutal and religiously motivated.  So much so that the terrorists allegedly asked if a person was a Muslim.  If the answer was affirmative, the hostage was released.  If the answer was no, most were shot dead.  In cold blood.  Brutal.

Some of my dear readers will need a caveat here about how Christianity hasn't had a clean reputation throughout history.  Say "Crusades" and you know the reaction we're talking about.  So caveat here.  Done.

More important than a politically correct caveat is this burning question:  what would you have said?  If knowing a simple answer of "Yes" to the question on the other end of an AK-47 would save your life, what would you have said?  If confessing Christ (or not confessing Islam) cost you your life, would you still confess Him?

And the answer to that question lies in this one:  do you really believe that dying is gain?

Well?  Do you?

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  1. Not only Kenya but also Pakistan:

    I am sad but also inspired by those willing to risk their lives to claim Christianity around the world.