Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Process Matters!

I was in a conversation with one of our church members this past week and we were laughing about how we wish God would go ahead and get us to where we were going.  I'm praying about X, so just go ahead and resolve the issue, whichever way it's going to go.  We love the end.  We can embrace that.

Embracing the process of getting there is a different story.

And that's the rub, isn't it?  But it's in the process that we're transformed.  That way God not only changes a situation but us too.  It's a double-whammy for Him.  In the process of praying, waiting, calling out, having conversations, expressing frustration, praying, waiting, and praying and waiting some more, God moves in us.  He shapes us.  We keep our eyes on Him and He transforms us, just like He said He would (2 Cor. 3.18).

So if you're there - and our family is SO there right now - know that the process matters.  And it's good for us, even though it's not our favorite part.  We're transformed by that process, not by the outcome.  And what do you know, but most of the time we couldn't embrace the outcome without being transformed by the process.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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