Monday, September 30, 2013

Amazing provision

I am amazed at God's provision.

This past weekend we had a monstrously large garage sale to raise money for the adoption we're pursuing.  We were hoping to make enough money to pay the next fee we have in the days ahead.  We didn't make enough to be able to make that payment.

We made enough to make the next two payments.

And that's not even what I'm most excited about.  Seriously.  Not even a close second.

I'm most excited about how many people participated with us.  When the Queen came to me with the garage sale idea, our deal was that if we could include people in the process of our adoption so that they felt like they were a part of something then I could say yes.  And boy, did they participate.

We had people show up with donations that were both generous and surprising.  Garages (yes, plural) full of stuff.  Nice stuff.  Small stuff.  Awesome stuff.

And then we had people show up on the day prior and day of and help organize, clean, stack, fold, manage, and every other function you associate with the insanity that is a garage sale.  And then they stayed.  They packed.  They tied.  They hauled.  They repacked.  They toted.  They stored.  And on and on.

God provided money, for which we're grateful.  But He provided good friends which amaze us.

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