Monday, August 19, 2013

Romans 16 and all those names

You even wondered why Paul includes all the names at the end of his letters?

In my yearly Bible reading plan, I just crossed over Romans 16.  It's a chapter which is, quite literally, full of names.  "So and so says hi."  "The folks we do life with from Such and Such town send their best."  On and on he goes.  Almost droning on (if I can say that about an inspired text).

Here's what I know and appreciate, though.  He's talking about real people.  He's talking about people with whom he has lived and breathed and ate and drank and suffered and rejoiced.

He expressed to the Romans that he was looking forward to coming to see them so he could impart a gift to them.  He was also looking forward to being encouraged by them (see 1.11-12).  Paul had real people in his life and took real encouragement from them.  It wasn't fake.  It wasn't professional.  It was personal.

Good enough for Paul, good enough for all of us, right?

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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