Monday, August 26, 2013

Egypt - something to think about

I had a friend and church member ask me about Egypt and whether or not we, as a church, were going to speak to it.  I mentioned it yesterday and gladly bring it up again here.  Persecution against Christians by any majority group has proven to do two things through church history.

First, it purifies the church.  Those who are there because there are family pressures or ethnic pressures or "this is the way we grew up" get the heck out of there when they have to face persecution.  Indeed, the root that doesn't go deep doesn't support the plant during hardship (Mark 4).

Second, it grows the church.  Because those who are serious about their faith endure persecution well, the church grows.  Because they love their enemy and pray for persecutors, the church grows.  Because they tend to die well when they do die, the church grows.

Pray for Egypt.  And remember that religious persecution against Christians exists, and it's not far away.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

P.S. As a great reminder that Jesus has Egypt on the brain, check this link out: The Holy Family in Egypt.

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