Wednesday, August 21, 2013

From the Queen: How will you change the world?

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It's too good not to share...

I try to get regular alone time with my each individual kids where we go on a special date and just talk about them.  Last night I took Jack back-to-school shopping and to dinner at his favorite restaurant.  Conversations with Jack look a lot more like conversations with a college student than conversations with a 10-year old.  He wanted to talk about Edward Snowden and if his actions served our country or jeopardized our security.  We talked about racial profiling and then finished with the China One-Child policy.

Then it got personal.  I felt prompted to ask him how he was going to change the world as a result of his physical challenges.  My little computer nerd told me that he wants to be a surgeon and he wants to help other children with physical needs to be more functional.  That warmed this mom's heart.  I hate that my little guy can't run or keep up with his friends but I can honestly say that I would rather have a compassionate, God-fearing, spiritually called child who is physically challenged than a selfish, world-loving athletic one.

I explained to Jack that when my mom died, there were several women who stepped in to care for me and make sure that I knew I was loved.  That struggle of growing up without a mom and their willingness to step up and take care of me formed in me the heart I have for orphans today.  I may not have changed the world, but I have changed Ruthie's world, DJ's world, and the world of any other orphans who come into our home.

Life is hard.  It's not fair and no one ever said it would be.  We can sit around and feel sorry for ourselves or we can take our experiences, seek the Lord in them, and let Him use them to change the world for someone else.

How will you change the world because of your life experiences?

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