Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Post-Easter Life

I am surprised by Peter pretty often.  I have read his stories multiple times, have preached on them several times, and still I find myself surprised.

He has seen the Lord in John 20.  He goes back to his old life in John 21.

Resurrection in 20.  Fishing in 21.

That's surprising to me.  At the very least, running away with all of your I-denied-Jesus-guilt to Siberia seems like a better option than sticking around.  He's back from the dead.  And if I'm guilty, I want to live somewhere that the only reminder of my guilt is the 1080p HD film of it in my mind.  No need to see friends, family, servant girls, and geography that remind me of it too.

But he stays.  And goes fishing.  Old habits.  Familiar contours of life.  Patterns.

It's why the bottle stays our friend (or at least companion).  It's why pain meds are our vitamins.  It's why old flames don't really go out.

Surprised?  But it's what happens when we live a post-Easter life without Jesus.  The same patterns and habits and addictions continue to rule because we don't want to face up to the guilt of knowing Jesus offers something different and we're not courageous enough to take it.

So He comes to our lakeside and then pulls us aside.  Do you love me?  Then do what I say is best for you.

It's not just freedom.  It's purpose.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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