Tuesday, April 23, 2013

3 Words to Consider when Standing for Truth

How does one stand for Truth in the midst of the melee that is our current culture?

Let me offer three words of reflection.

First, this word:  Firmly.  Budging, fudging, flirting with boundaries, or downright caving in - none of those are options.  Standing for Truth in the midst of our cultural melee means standing for the Truth.  No compromise is necessary.  And it should not ever enter our mind, even amid pressure and cultural tides and media coverage.

Second, Compassionately.  Just because people are wrong or on the wrong side of something doesn't mean that they aren't worthy of our compassion, mercy, and patience.  The mercy God has extended to us is something we get to extend to others for Jesus' sake.

Third, Winsomely.  Standing firmly and compassionately doesn't meant we can't be funny, likeable, and have a twinkle in our eye as we respond to falsehood.  Winsome is what buys us goodwill with our audience.

And in our day, we need more and more of people who understand and demonstrate all three.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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