Thursday, April 18, 2013

How I'm praying in these days

How do you pray when news breaks like it has broken this week?

There are many ways.  All of them worthwhile.  Alleviation of suffering.  Justice for the wicked.  Mercy for the wounded.  Healing.  Protection from further damage or attack.  Every prayer offered is worthwhile.  Every one is heard.

Here's how I'm praying and would encourage you to pray for Boston and for West and for other places that endure such things.

Pray for the churches.

Churches can reach out and do things for the Kingdom and in the Spirit that make an eternal impact.  They can give hands and feet to the movement of God in the midst of tragedy, suffering, and loss.  They can give voice to prayers that some might not even know need to be prayed.  They can bear witness to a God who is fully in control and fully sympathetic to pain.  They can meet practical needs and speak to spiritual needs.

Pray for the churches.

Adversity is not our enemy.  God often uses it to stretch His people and transform others into His people.

Pray for the churches.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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