Monday, August 20, 2012

We have a runner

We have a runner.

No, not that kind.  Forget pounding the pavement.  I'm talking about a relational runner.  One who, when things don't go right, heads for the relational hills.  Out of sight.  Get out of my mind.  All I want to do is cocoon myself and leave me the stink alone.  That kind of runner.

So far I've been told this one will sleep outside tonight.

And walk to a grandparent's house (250 miles away).

And just not eat for the rest of the week.

And it's all funny until you need to get somewhere and you're *ahem* running late.

But it's not so funny when you and I do it spiritually.  Mistakes happen.  Sins get committed.  And we run from God instead of to Him.  Things don't go like I predict or wish.  God is to blame.  Up the stairs, to my room, slam my door.

Not so cute.

And the Enemy laughs while the tantrum is thrown.  Because he'd love nothing more than to keep us separated from the Source of our Life.

For all the times I've run to God when I needed Him, His character hasn't changed and His disposition toward me hasn't either.  If He hasn't changed, why run from Him now?

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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