Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wading into the Water (part 2)

Well, since I'm in the pool, I might as well keep swimming.

Julie Anne Smith was sued.  By her church, Beaverton Grace Bible Church, where the pastor is Chuck O'Neal.  For $500,000.

Why?  She had been shunned by the church for some issue that they called church discipline.  She wrote a blog about it.  They called it defamatory.  The lawsuit was summarily rejected and the church had to pay Mrs. Smith's legal fees.  Booyah.

Can someone please explain to me how a pastor should sue a former church member for an opinion?  Just at what point did that seem like a good idea?  A biblical idea?

I have no clue as to how people get into situations like this, but someone needs to look at a Bible and at a Throne every so often and remember that you will stand before the latter and be judged by the standard of the former.

Chuck O'Neal, you have to stand for that one.  And your elders along with you.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...


  1. And those are good thoughts. What's sad is that although we won the court case and he and the church have to pay the legal fees, he continues to preach from the pulpit the same extra-Biblical stuff as before - tearing families and friends apart because he gets to call them "divisive" when they don't agree with him.

    1. Julie Anne,

      I'm honored that you stopped by. Thank you for doing so. when I heard about your case, I was flabbergasted. And how, from this point forward, Chuck O'Neal can have any sort of Kingdom-oriented ministry in Beaverton is beyond what my physical eyes or eyes of faith can see. He should, imho, resign and go get a job at Home Depot.

      I'm sorry about your situation. I genuinely am. Know there was a group in Texas who prayed for you and stood with you.


    2. Hey Trent - This is one time I'm really glad I had my computer window open from earlier today so I could see your response.

      Thanks so much for your kind words and please pass along my sincere thanks to your group who prayed and stood with me. I have never felt like I was doing something more "right" in my life and felt God's presence and blessing the entire time.

      People who spiritually abuse are blinded by their sin, sadly. They won't step down unless they are forced down either by someone over them or by congregants' feet voting as they walk out the door. The case is done, but I'm not. I'm still blogging about spiritual abuse. The stories still need to be told. So . . . we press on! Thanks again, Trent!

    3. There is a pressing on nature to this, isn't there?

      If you're ever in Houston, feel free to drop by! We'd love for you to worship with us.


  2. Hi Trent: I'd love to if the opportunity arises. Thanks for the invite. It warms my heart to see another pastor who "gets it" about spiritual abuse.

    ~Julie Anne