Thursday, August 23, 2012

I wish Johnny Cash was a member of our church

Really, I do.  I remember listening to him on my grandpa's old records and 8-Tracks.  Most folks my age met him in the movies.  Joaquin Phoenix practically channeled him.  If you've ever watched the movie Walk the Line, you know the drama and frustration and brokenness and ugliness and redemption within it all.

But man it is ugly at first.  Drugs.  Loneliness.  Alcohol.  Addiction.  Adultery.  Stupor.  Stupidity.

And right in the middle of it is honest music and the art of survival (as well as the survival of art - the kind that tugs at your soul and makes you wonder if he knew something you didn't).

Messy.  Man, it's messy.

And I said this on Sunday at church, and I mean it now:  the better we do church, the messier it's going to get.  I rode in the car today to lunch with our worship pastor, Frank, and told him about how I wanted to get things right on the organizational side of our organization called Heritage Park.  But I also know that running an efficient organization doesn't always make a church nor push the Kingdom forward.

When the Gospel goes forth, the lost get saved, the broken get healed, and the prodigals come home.  But lost folks are messy.  Broken people bleed.  And prodigals stink like pig slop.

But it sure makes for a great church.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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