Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lifeway: Christian in Name Only?

Lifeway Christian Stores, owned and operated by the Southern Baptist Convention, has made a move that is their right to make.  It's also my right to point out how stupid a move it was.

If you have seen the movie, The Blind Side, you know what a great movie it was.  Great story.  Great characters.  Great cast.  And we could go on.  Oh, and there's that small thing about winning an Oscar (Best Actress) and being nominated for an Oscar for the Best film.

Here's the thing about the movie:  it portrayed Christians doing things that Jesus would do.  The family helped the helpless, made character-related investment in their children, acted like married people act, and had a deep faith that mattered.

So why in the *bleep* would Lifeway Christian Stores pull such a positive, well-done, Christian movie from its shelves?  Because someone got upset that they used the curse word "G-D" in it and portrayed a violent inner-city.

Wait a minute.

The actors portraying lost people cussed and acted like non-church-going suburbanites?  And that's the reason it's being pulled from the shelves?  A great movie with great themes and a great portrayal of what matters is pulled because they portrayed something as too true to life?


But please keep your WWJD bracelets, Jabez cups, Prayer Snuggies and other cross-laden cheesewheat on your shelves.  I'm sure those items will help people think deeply and struggle with the issues of their lives.

Is there a wonder why lost people think the church is out of touch with their lives, the very lives portrayed in The Blind Side?

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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