Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tree of Life Day 66: Luke 24

I read Luke 24 today and tried to write myself into the Emmaus story.  No, I don't think I deserve to be in a story like that.  Just work with me here...

If I were walking along the road and that kind of thing happened to me, I would first have the tendency to write off the person who joined me as some sort of fool, or at the very least so disconnected and buried from the "real world" that they were not worth my time.

Don't miss that last phrase.  That one stings.

Someone who has so little connection to the happenings of our day is obviously not an intellectual giant.  They wouldn't be very fun to share a cup of coffee with or discuss the op-ed piece in the Times.  They are...wait for it...beneath me.

That one stings too.

Because now the person I'm writing off is not some guy with bad hair, a gap in his teeth, and poor choice of colors in his wardrobe.  Now the guy I'm writing off is Jesus.  And He's talking about a world more real than anything I get from my news sites on the internet.  He's talking about a world so real that it just turned death on its head and is making all things new.  That's the One I'm judging.

But you'd do better, right?

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