Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 4.15.12

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 4.15.12, on Pentecost in the Tree of Life series.  You can get the sermon audio via iTunes on our podcast.  You can also get the sermon audio and these notes in PDF at

Tree of Life 
Part 11 – Wind Powered 
Acts 1.1-­‐8

What is happening?
Jesus teaches (1.1-­‐8). 
Jesus ascends (1.9-­‐11). 
Disciples wait (1.12-­‐2.1). 
Spirit falls (2.2-­‐13).
Peter preaches (2.14-­‐40). 

Church begins (2.41-­‐47).

What does it mean?

God resides in every believer.

Pentecost fulfilled the promise of His presence (v.4)
  • The Spirit seals our relationship.
  • The Spirit points us to Jesus and His truth.
    The Spirit convicts us of sin.
Pentecost furnished the power for our proclamation (v.8)
  • The power to transform us.
  • The power bear witness to Him through gifts and giving. 

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