Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tree of Life Day 60: John 18-19

What is Truth?

That's a powerful question.  Pilate asked it.  But it's not just Pilate.  Most everyone you and I know ask the same question:  what is Truth?

Pilate's question came from the frustration of dealing with a backwater place like the Middle East (not exactly the prime appointment for a Roman governor) and the religiously motivated politics it involves.  No doubt some have the same kind of irritating tone when they ask the question today - and for the same reasons.

Others' questions come from the doubt of genuine skepticism and question.

Some bring their questions from a place of deep hurt because of who or what they have encountered.

What is Truth?

Jesus' answer is clear, though not particularly easy to accept:  He Himself is (John 14.6) as the Living Word and the revelation of God in the written word is (John 17.17).  Those aren't mutually exclusive nor contradictory.  We see Jesus through the Bible.  We understand the Bible through Jesus.

That's where (and in whom) you find Truth.

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