Monday, April 9, 2012

Tree of Life Day 64: Matthew 28

Have you ever noticed that those who deny the resurrection have the most to lose?  For the Pharisees of the day, it was the power and prestige they held in society.  They weren't about to give that up to a backwater Jewish rabble rouser.  So hire some guys, spread some lies.  Just a little PR damage control.  Call it spin.

But that's just it, isn't it?

You can spin it.  But you can't make it go away.  You can lie about it.  But you can't make it go away.  You can deny it.  But you can't make it go away.  You can protect your power and prestige.  But you can't make it go away.

We're not that different.  Were we to surrender our lives to Jesus, there's no doubt we'd lose a lot.  Power. Prestige.  Control.  Possessions.  Desires.  Dreams.  Relationships.  Any number of things.  We'd lose them.  All of them.

But that's just what Jesus commands:  lose your life in order to find it.  Die in order to live.  And He won't hedge on those terms.  He's relentless that way.

But then again, He did rise from the dead and conquer the grave.

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