Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Working on a Bed

Don't tell the Peanut, but we have a surprise for her on her birthday.  Actually, you can't tell her because she already knows.  You can't miss it.  My garage smells like a lumber yard (thanks to Mr. Gregg Slone at Slone Lumber, for all your woodworking needs...free commercial).

Anyway, I'm building a castle bed for a princess.  I'm about 10 hours into it and probably more than 1/2 way done.  I like doing stuff with my hands, which brings met to the point of this blog.

Sometimes I just have to do something with my hands to start something, see it through, and make sure it's done and done well.  I like doing that because so much of my work in pastor-land is invisible and immeasurable and, quite frankly, unattainable.  You can see progress, but it often takes a while.  Something about seeing a project started, seeing it progress, and seeing it completed is good for my soul.

My wife says it's because I'm so much like Jesus.


Maybe that was just me thinking she'd say something like that.

All joking aside, be encouraged today that what you do matters no matter if you can see it or not.  And do whatever it is you do with your eyes on Jesus.  And do what you do with all your heart, like you're working for and serving Him (see Colossians 3.23).

When we know He's with us, we can live with a sense of purpose in every moment that He gives us.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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