Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are you okay with...? Conclusion

So today I'll wrap up with this question.  It's probably the headiest and most theological.  On the surface, it might seem to be the most erudite and disconnected from life.  However, there are still beautiful pieces of pastoral fruit that hang down from the tree.

Are you okay with a God who...

  • Allows evil to exist,
  • Wills to permit evil in the world, 
  • And even wills to permit it (without stain on His character) localized evil that a greater good might come?
Some people really balk at this idea.  I don't know how they do theology without it, though.  I know people have attempted, but it just doesn't make sense to me.  I'd rather let the certainty fall on God's side and the mystery on mine than vice versa.

But anyway, back to the question.  I offer two examples...

Joseph of the Old Testament went through enormous trials and, yes, evil at the hands of all sorts of people, all of which was orchestrated by God for the saving of many (Genesis 50.20).

And then there's Jesus.  The greatest injustice ever done was done to Him.  The greatest evil ever perpetrated was His to bear.  The crucifixion of an innocent man.  The bearing of the sin of the world.  The horrendous death.  Yet, according to the Bible, it was God's premeditated plan (see Acts 2.23, 4.28).

God can tolerate and even will to permit localized evil in order to accomplish a greater good.  He can allow what He hates in a microscopic view to accomplish what He loves in a telescopic view.

And this is why, dear reader, I believe that we can say with confidence that Jesus reigns over everything.  If anything was outside of His will, we would have no assurance that it would be inside of His reign or His ability to redeem it.

Hard to understand.  Good to believe.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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