Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sermon Notes from 12.4.11

Here are the sermon notes from the second Sunday of Advent.  You can view these notes in PDF and download the sermon audio at  You can also find the sermon audio on our podcast in iTunes.

Second Sunday of Advent:  Peace
Christmas 2011 
Isaiah 9.1-7
Peaceshalom, a sense of wholeness, togetherness, and well-being. 
What is the nature of this peace?
  • Reigning peace - intricately connected to His sovereignty.
      • From an abundance of His rule shall come an abundance of His peace (v.7).
      • The Kingdom is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit (Rom 14).
      • As guaranteed as His zeal (end of v.7).
  • Lasting peace - enduring because His reign is forever.
      • Isaiah 11.1-10
      • We talk about “now” nature of the Kingdom, but there’s a forever nature too.
  • Public peace - flowing from what is just.
      • Isaiah 10.1-4
      • Public Justice in the law (v.1)
      • Practical Justice in society (v.2-4)
  • Personal peace - abiding in the heart and mind of those who look to Him.
      • It’s not an absence of insanity - it’s a sense of clarity in the midst of it. 
How does He bring peace?
  • He brings it, not sends it.
      • No mailing, but delivering.  No greetings.  No card.  It’s hand delivered, not left on a doorstep.
  • He comes with it because He is Immanuel:  God with us.
      • Maybe better stated:  it comes with Him.
      • God is near.  The Prince of Peace is near.
      • Every ounce of authority and power and mercy and grace that is God is near.
  • He offers it through the sacrifice of the One who came.
      • Isaiah 53.5
      • But we’re NOT at peace - so how do we get it?
      • What should’ve been ours fell on Jesus instead - OUR SIN
      • Only way to peace (Rom 5.1)
      • Not for everyone, though anyone can receive this...

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