Monday, December 12, 2011

Are you okay with...?

Alright, I'm a pastor and have some moments where I have to honestly assess my heart and ask myself the above question:  am I okay with ________ ?  These are things in the Bible or revelations about God that I might not have as my go-to sense of God or of how things ought to be.

So this week, I'll try to ask the question and let you do the heart examination.  Ready?

Are you okay with a God who shoots back?

Psalm 64.7:  "But God shoots His arrows at [His enemies]."  They shot first, God shoots back.

Our modern invention of a God who is love (to the exclusion of everything else, like holy or righteous) doesn't have much room for a God who shoots back.  I'm 10,000% for a God who saves sinners because of His great love for them.  Thank you, Jesus, for that.

But according to the Bible, that same God who saves sinners is also a God who will aim and fire when it's time.  He will not trifle with His enemies (though we once were in that boat ourselves until He saved us).  He will shoot back.  He will conquer.  He wins in the end.

Seems a little violent, don't you think?  In our PC, perfectly polite world, that God doesn't fit really well.

But that's the God who is.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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  1. Good question. Hadn't actually thought about God vs. PC in awhile. Never being much of a fan of PC philosophy anyway, I've always been grateful that God isn't PC, at least not in the way our culture defines PC. Love that He is AC, not PC. (AC=Always Correct). With that attribute, PC not only isn't a concern, it really isn't even in the area of consideration. But then, that's just me thinking thoughts. :-)