Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sermon Notes from 12.18.11

Here are the sermon notes from my last sermon on Advent.  Find these notes on PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also download the sermon audio via our podcast on iTunes.

Christmas 2011 - Love
Isaiah 54.1-10
God has immovable love.
What kind of love is this immovable love?
    • Abounding (Numbers 14.18)
    • Atones for iniquity (Proverbs 16.6)
    • Better than life (Psalm 63.3)
    • Comforting (Psalm 119.76)
    • Crowns us (Psalm 103.4)
    • Cuts off our enemies (Psalm 143.12)
    • Earth is full of steadfast love (Psalm 33.5)
    • Endures all day (Psalm 52.1)
    • Gives us life (Psalm 119.88)
    • God will meet me in His steadfast love (Psalm 59.10)
    • Good (Psalm 69.16)
    • Holds us up (Psalm 94.18)
    • High as the heavens (Psalm 36.5)
    • Not removed from me (Psalm 66.20)
    • Precious (Psalm 36.7)
    • Preserving (Psalm 40.11)
    • Satisfies us in the morning (Psalm 90.14)
    • Saving (Psalm 31.16)
    • Surrounding (Psalm 32.10)
    • Watches over me (Psalm 61.7)
    • Endures forever (44 times in the OT)
How do we know His love is immovable?
First, because He promised.
    • But I’m not one in God’s favor (v.1-3).
    • But I don’t have anything to offer (v.4-5).
    • But I have too much baggage (v.6-8).
    • But God’s people didn’t love me, so He must not either.
Second, because He secured His promise.
    • Isaiah 52.13-53.12
    • He punished the Savior for your sin.
    • He dealt with the divide so you can be united to Him.
What is our response?
    • To love God in return.
    • To love others on His behalf. 
      • Because God’s love is immovable, we are free to love others knowing that the well from which we draw will never run dry. 

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